Humming Bird

I met a girl
Clothed in emerald green
A red scarf sparkling around her shoulders
She flashed by careening,
One second cartwheeling and humming,
Another second her nose in a book,
She came hovering over,
All the while her fingers moved
Plying a needle and thread
Through roses.

She looked at me,
Chocolate eyes flashing fire,
And asked,
“Do you find me distracted?
Disorderly? Lacking attention?
Dysfunctional? Hyperactive?
Difficult to keep up with?
Would you like be to be still?
Steady? Focused? Serious?”
She placed the garland around my neck,
Saying, “Don’t you see,
I am Hummingbird
Not Heron”
Before she flew away.

I met a girl
A humming bird girl
One second here then there
Thrumming in constant motion
Diminutive magnificence
Energy amplified
Eyes sparkling she left a trail
Vibrating with joyous wonder
As she flew;
Have you met her too?

2 thoughts on “Humming Bird

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  1. You’ve describing a hummer very well, but you might want to add “Tease you, chase you around, peep out a tune with the flick of my tongue.”

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