Mariam is a woman of Iranian lineage with a subcontinental flavor.  She works as a mixed media artist in the beautiful misty Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, a source of wonder and inspiration that she cherishes and tends with gratitude with her family.

Her paintings are explorations in color, energy, and visual storytelling. She brings her engagement with the plant world to her paintings in the form of rock and flower essences, which she lovingly crafts during different phases of the moon with spring water infused by solar flame.  She then uses these elixirs as brush water, imbuing the work with their essence.

An integral part of how Mariam applies herself as an artist is to weave the threads of her creative self together as layers in her paintings, whether as elements depicting her interests or following her curiousity toward new forms of expression. Her aspiration is for her creations to give inspiration and a sense of joy to those who behold them, opening a door from where to enter and dream in partnership with the art.

She invites you to reach her with queries, requests, or conversations by using the contact form or directly at her facebook page, where she also publishes poetry.

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To know a mountain
Hug its curves, its ups and downs
Inside springs gurgle

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