Peace Poems: 2

Last night he tore down
Hard walls enclosing his heart
A frightful storm raged

Listen, says the nightingale,
Grow valor rooted in peace

Peace Poems:1

We’ll stand united
When roses cease their blooming
In peaceful protest

Till then, says the nightingale,
Let’s join together in song

World Peace Poets

Looking forward to another round of writing and sharing peace poetry; pick up your pen(cil) and join in if you’re so moved . . . it’s most enjoyable (and interesting) receiving poems in the mail from around the world, sowing seeds of peace🌍💙🌱🖌

“Every time people speak their hopes, address their losses and fears and listen to each other, we are taking a step toward peace.” ~ Carla Shafer

Below is the message copied and pasted from World Peace Poets.
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