I’m feeling happy to give a way this series of four greeting cards in celebration and with gratitude for a generous summer flow; as the seasons shift and with them everything gives way ✨🌳✨ Continue reading “Giveaway”


This video really touched me, hope you all enjoy it too: an awesome, inspired, heartfelt project that brings shine and smile together by Joanne Green 😍

Loving Kindness

“I bow to true Buddha-nature, equally innate in one and all”.

~~Lama Surya Das

Woodland Gnome has shared a journey through her beautiful garden with a meditation by Lama Surya Das in a post aptly called Loving Kindness. I’ll echo her sentiment in unison saying, “We all need a bit more loving kindness in our hearts and in our lives”.

on the sixth day

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember
how you made it through, how you managed to survive.
You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over.
But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm,
you won’t be the same person who walked in.
That’s what this storm’s all about.”~Haruki Murakami

“As soon as you look at the world through an ideology you are finished. No reality fits an ideology. Life is beyond that. … That is why people are always searching for a meaning to life… Meaning is only found when you go beyond meaning. Life only makes sense when you perceive it as mystery and it makes no sense to the conceptualizing mind.”
― Anthony de Mello

Spiritual awakening is about discovering what’s true. Anything that’s not about getting to the truth must be discarded. Truth isn’t about knowing things; you already know too much. It’s about unknowing. It’s not about becoming true; it’s about unbecoming false so that all that’s left is truth.
-Jed McKenna

I’ve loved New Mexico ever since Carbondale, Colorado . . . . where we trekked out to hot springs feeding a rock lined tub on a moonlit night . . . later passing Telluride and Durango; it was so many years back, just the two of us, Laughing Fox and I, no kids yet!  We visited cliff dwellings and went through Navajo Nation where we stopped on the roadside and chatted, drank water, and ate burgundy wine cherries with a woman and her son parked there with their truckload of fruit.  They both wore jeans rolled up and checkered shirts with cut off sleeves, she had on a straw hat and he a bandana around his brow: it caught the sweat and kept it out of his eyes.  They invited us to come back to where they lived, spend some time with them, somewhere over there (they waved to the vast expanse of desert scrub to show where *there* was); we declined as we’d miss the String Cheese Incident we were headed to.  It was in Santa Fe at an Indian School, Fourth of July, I don’t even remember the year but it was a firecracker of an Incident, thoroughly cheesy, and we drove around and over and under and across Paseo de Peralta so many times afterward trying to find our way back to the campground that it’s loops are etched into me forever!  Afterwards I wondered “what if we’d gone with them, gone *there* instead of dancing at the BIA School’s Amphitheatre, what would that have been like. .?”

Well this year there were seven of us and we met a couple at a gas station who we got talking with.  They were headed to a wedding at the San Xavier Mission, and the woman thought it would be alright if we came along and peeked at the ceremony quietly.  While we had a conference about this idea her partner must have thought about her suggestion, as after we thanked her and declined the opportunity to peek, he waved over *there* where he said he was from and asked if we’d like to visit his people, spend the afternoon with them? If so he’d give us directions, he seemed certain that we’d like it  . . . . we conferenced again and accepted, so we went:: there, where he sent us:: down and over and around some dirt roads many miles into the expanse to a serene pueblo, where we spent Anousheh’s 7th birthday on a mesa amidst 13 clans, soft chanting, and a peaceful breeze.

It was enchanted and enchanting to say the least:: butterflies were aflight in the light, while we ate and drank and watered plants and listened to the lore of the Sky Tribe, a matrilineal tribe, from a Bear Clan sister while The Biggest Woman I Ever Saw sat and watched with her ears from where she was seated on a mound of pillows and cushions, hands busy with a carving tool and a slab of clay; she was silent the whole time, yet it felt like she was completely aware: of everything all at once, even the heartbeats of the tiny birds that were coming and going . . .  I believe I could have stayed on forever!! However  . . .  we had a birth to attend, my sister awaiting our presence, and it was with a grateful humming excited heart that I headed back to the car with my clan and we drove the remaining roads to our engagement 🙂

It wasn’t long after we arrived that my nephew was born and we began our six day drive home, no route planned this time, no time for planning really as time just flew by in a heartbeat!  Ahmad and Layla had got the hang of map reading, adding miles, gauging distances and so on, so we had plenty of navigators in the car.  Once we returned I painted this that you see:::I was going to adjust her facial features after Layla and Isha drew my attention to the disproportions they were seeing, but then I had this bit of realization that if I painted over and ‘fixed’ them then they wouldn’t be ‘visible’ anymore and in a sense they’ve got more to offer seen than hidden . . . . might not be perfectly proportioned art but it’s in the oddity that the girls noticed what was ‘off’, so she remains looking the way she does::Butterfleyes, she asked for me to Let it Be.

Thanks to Woodland Gnome for tuning my attention to quotations as blogging resources, this has been fun!

Awaiting your presence in the forest is her post on Perseverance 🙂

Be freely welcome to engage in this ~three day three quotes~ blogging venture and if you do I hope you’ll leave a link in the comments so I can enjoy your post too, thanks!

“May you live a long life
Full of gladness and health,
With a pocket full of gold
As the least of your wealth.
May the dreams you hold dearest,
Be those which come true,
The kindness you spread,
Keep returning to you.”~Irish Blessings

jet streams::great salt basin

I’ve been enjoying this three days/three quotes invitation from Woodland Gnome, especially in paring and sharing photographs with quotes from our 7 day drive to Arizona in April, which began in Virginia went through West Virginia, Kentucky, a corner of Tennessee for the crossing of the mighty muddy Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico to Tucson.  We made some numerous right turns, you turns, and lefties to get there as we had an atlas in hand and mapped ourselves as we travelled, despite having made a previous route.  The kids liked the mapping and the atlas and the changes in plans and we discovered that the roads we were driving were the Trail of Tears route, which eventually led us to the Sante Fe Trail along with lots of discussions about who’d been there before us, where did they come from, where we’d been and where we ought to go next.

These pictures are from Oklahoma, where we first saw the wind turbines:: giants dancing while generating power right beside oil and gas fields with cows on top of it all.  As you might imagine, this gave rise to many questions:: about power, electricity, resources, beauty, perspective, relativity, essence, people, farming, and much more.  There were so many teaching moments in Oklahoma, one of which was that beauty may very well reside in the eye of the beholder::what perspective would you be holding?

“The little cares that fretted me,
I lost them yesterday
Among the fields above the sea,
Among the winds at play.” ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“It’s a good thing to have all the props
pulled out from under us occasionally.
It gives us some sense of what is rock under our feet,
and what is sand.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle

“I dreamt we walked together along the shore.
We made satisfying small talk and laughed.
This morning I found sand in my shoe and
a seashell in my pocket.
Was I only dreaming?”~Maya Angelou

“The mind can go in a thousand directions,
but on this beautiful path, I walk in peace.
With each step, the wind blows.
With each step, a flower blooms.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

I hope you’ll visit Woodland Gnome’s garden, and should you choose to do so::look with a keen eye for something fine there in resides.

If you’d like to participate and leave me a comment indicating your interest, I’d be happy to pass on the invitation tomorrow:: unless you’re comfortable with simply joining 🙂

time to play

I’m delighted to have been invited by Woodland Gnome to participate in a foray into quotes:: three days, three quotes . . . though as you’ll see, I found a few more than one or three.  Summer days are here, and we are getting as much time as we can outside in the light, soaking it all in through our skin:: sun thirsty as we’ve been after our adventure in Arizona where it was summer before summer!  I’m getting started on this first day of posts with some photographs from the evening of summer solstice.


“While we try to teach our children all about life,
our children teach us what life is all about.”~Angela Schwindt


“For truly it is to be noted, that children’s plays are not sports, and should be deemed as their most serious actions”.~Montaigne


” Children enjoy the present because they have neither a past nor a future”. ~ Jean de la Bruyere


“Our children are like flowers to us.
Each one different.
Each one beautiful.
Each one growing strong with us.

Our children are like stars to us.
Each one sparkles.
Each one moves through the universe.
Each one closer to the heart of us.

Our children are like life to us.
Each one precious.
Each one unpredictable.
Each one having to let go of us.”~Nancy Wood


If you would like to engage in this ~three days of quotes~ blogging spree, I’d be happy to invite you (leave me a comment to indicate you’re interested) or:::just begin!

Woodland Gnome’s posting about Gifts and giving is a joy to read with many pearls of wisdom to digest and grow from, a visit to her garden is well worth the click it takes to get there 😉

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