Juggler of sons and daughters, this space is where visions and words, weird, made up, and other wise, are what I play with.  As a woman of Iranian lineage (with a subcontinental flavor) it is with wonder that I reside in these beautiful misty Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with my family, where I work with mixed media, adventuring as an artist.

My paintings are explorations and reflections in relationship:: with nature, people, color, and energy, combining as a visual form of story. Often I’ll bring my engagements with nature spirits to the table, to the brushes, to the brush water, in the form of rock and flower essences lovingly crafted during different phases of the moon with spring water infused by solar flame.

My aspiration is to share that which inspires and moves through me as creations that inspire in turn and give joy to you, opening a door from where to enter and dream in partnership with the art, be it in vision or wyrd.

I invite you to reach me with queries, requests, a simple hello, or calmversations by using the Contact form or directly at Facebook, where I also publish poetry.

Thank you for stopping by to read this work in process.


Mariam a.k.a Creekrose
February 2019

To know a mountain
Hug its curves, its ups and downs
Inside springs gurgle


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