Artisan Salts

My salt infused creations are made in small batches with fresh bio-dynamically grown herbs and flowers hand picked from my garden or ethically wildcrafted from the woodlands while I wander and enjoy the butterflies and scents. Some ingredients, such as oranges and lemons, are organically sourced. I mix everything by hand and lay trays out to infuse the salt with flavors, then use a mortar and pestle to crush the mixture together, citrus skins are hand zested in the kitchen releasing their uplifting fragrance all around.

These salts are a delight to craft from beginning to finish and taste equally delightful sprinkled on sourdough bread and butter, chevre, mozarella cheese and tomatoes, salad, grilled and roasted vegetables, pizza, and grilled chicken . . .really you can use them in a number of creative ways . . . even around the edge of a margarita glass or on brownies. Try one in a salt mill and see!

With your order you get a 2 oz. tin of specialty seasoning salt.

Select from the following options:

Zesty Salt::made with himalayan pink salt, fresh organic lemon and orange zests, daylilies, thyme, chipotle, and lemon balm.

Gourmet Salt:: made with himalayan pink salt, organic garlic and lemon zest, and home grown evening primrose, thyme, and sage.

Culinary Salt:: made with himalayan pink salt, black salt, garden fresh shiso, lemon verbena, and lemon balm.

Comments welcome . . .

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