All earrings made by Isha, soon to be twelve. Here’s what she has to say:

“Hello. I am Isha. When I turn sixteen I will drive around the country side with my two brothers and two sisters. One of my joys is making jewelry, knowing others will enjoy the finished piece. The feel of metal and crystals between my fingers as I shape new things brings harmony to my heart. My mind is loose and free to wonder among sparkling beads and shiny hooks. I become relaxed as a new person while my hands labor and I want to share my jewelry with the world, to know my work is as appreciated as the food we eat, to bring joy around the globe with these pieces that leave my little sanctuary and embark on a journey of their own. Some of the ideas come from my little brothers’ doodling as he sits and beads with me, sharing my happiness as I create. If you wish to have a set of earrings made especially for you, use the contact form and I’ll do my best to fullfill your wish. Half of all sales will go to support my little sisters’ love for wild horses. Please read on to hear what she has to say. Thank you very much. Isha”.

From Anousheh:

“I felt like when I was born that in another life I was a horse.  I have always had a place in my heart for horses, and I would like to live in a world where horses run free, my dream is to ride one free .  I respect the innocent lives of horses and want to help people who are protecting them from cruel people who shoot them down.  Please have a look at Wild Love Preserve and the beautiful horses they are protecting.  I hope one day to visit this place and be with the horses.”

curls bouncing wildly
springing up like antennas
her heart is her drum

Shipping is included with price.

Stand with Wild Horses and oppose their elimination before they become ‘endangered’.  They’re not being killed by people under attack by them:: these horses aren’t rushing anyone and biting, nipping, ferociously hoofing down whomever they see, with murderous intent to destroy life, breaking and entering into homes, rampaging wildly through while beating walls down, leaving manure on kitchen counters and floors, tearing through sacks of grain . . . .  so no ‘self-defense’ happening here; nor are they being killed by people to nourish themselves, their families, for food to fill hungry bellies . . . this is the savage, wanton, slaughtering of non-human beings, and we oppose it.  Sign the petition, support Wild Love Preserve, or find another organization that provides sanctuary for these four leggeds and support them, or purchase earrings and half the price goes to Wild Love Preserve and Idaho’s Challis Horses.

“Wild Love Preserve is named such because it is dedicated to the greater good of our wild planet, now and for future generations, centering on humanity, compassion, sustainability, two-legged accountability and our responsibility to the whole.”

— Founder, Andrea Maki, 2010

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