River Runs Through It: Angel Series

This full moon was a Buttercup Moon here in the forest; the green a vibrant backdrop beneath prolific buttercups, nodding their shining heads, waxing poetic in glowing terms, and ceaselessly smiling at everything.  I read somewhere that ‘one sign of spiritual enlightenment is smiling at everything for no apparent reason’; following this mode of thought I’m certain that buttercups are well on their way to enlightenment.

They feature in this confluence of plants, part of an Angel Series, giving birth to faces arranged near the gurgling water side where plumes of fern tickle bare skin and moss offers a soft mound to kneel upon.   One form was initially shaped with geraniums, spirea, horseradish, yarrow, fern, iris, strung through with buttercup moons, then with a change of a leaf and a whisper on the wind, it sang forth five different faces each with their own expressions and personalities.  Four are mythical ladies with stories of their own, one is an attribute for hospitality, can you guess who that is?


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