Three Sisters

Moonboat floats with three dancers celebrating Luna by starlight.

They’re riding spiderwort leaves,
landing over birch;
composed of motherwort skirts, sassafras, smokebush,
rue, birch cones, and spiderwort flowers.

Rue opens the entrance to other realms,
with smokebush providing a screen:now you’re seen, now you’re not.
Birch is a reservoir of patience and determination for working collaboratively,
sassafras enables the bringing in of unique gifts without being overbearing,
and spiderwort shines brightly on the wee things,
miniscule moments, from which to select what matters
and what doesn’t:sort, sift, sieve, weave.
When things get fired up leading to hurt feelings that sting
then prickly motherwort soothes and provides calm.


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