Artisan Salts

My salt infused creations are made in small batches with fresh bio-dynamically grown herbs and flowers hand picked from my garden or ethically wildcrafted from the woodlands while I wander and enjoy the butterflies and scents. Some ingredients, such as oranges and lemons, are organically sourced. I mix everything by hand and lay trays out to infuse the salt with flavors, then use a mortar and pestle to crush the mixture together, citrus skins are hand zested in the kitchen releasing their uplifting fragrance all around. Continue reading “Artisan Salts”

Mix & Match Puzzle Cards

Mix & Match Puzzle Cards, fun for all ages!
There are twenty four 5 x 7 cards in all featuring my original artwork, three sets of head body and feet that form eight whole pictures when matched up. The fun part is arranging them out of order and making stories with what’s going on; it’s how my kids roll before the matching. They come shrink wrapped and ready to use on a rainy day or any day. Purchase here.

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