Cosmic Star Spirit

Cosmic starfllowers, basking in morning’s glory,
milk mother burgeoning with sweetness and beauty.
Cosmos, daylily, morning glory, milkweed,
strawflowers, oregano, spirea, and lady’s thumb come
together to give her life.

Twin Souls

Twins, twinning, twining.
Sun and Moon in Gemini.
Brother Sister Stories.
Yin and Yang.
Tanya and Vanya.
Hansel and Gransel.
When two come together intertwined, soular union.
They bounce off one another, interplay with geranium, fleabane,
daylily, spirea, tansy, lovage, and motherwort.

Summer Spirits

Summer forest spirits playing,
listening to what the heat is saying,
shelter in the shade.

Shaped with daylilies, fleabane, milkweed,
motherwort, lovage, tansy, and geranium.

Rose Red

Rosie Bright Eyes,
Snow White’s sister,
they dare to love a bear and brush his hair,
discovering he’s a mister!

Rose Red’s open heart unfolds
in part with roses, motherwort,
wisteria, spirea,
fleabane, and lemon balm.

Snow White

Snow White, sister of Rose Red.
They share their hearts and their beds.
Sisterhood is this sweet,
together they walk the woods on nimble feet,
exploring the land hand in hand.

Comfrey, fleabane, wisteria,
artemesia, and spirea give her life.


Sometimes simply sitting with a friend,
sharing a bench together,
warming a seat,
is enough. In joy.

These two have come forth from spirea and rhododendron leaves,
tulip poplar leaves, viburnum flowers, geranium, fiddleheads, and buttercups.

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