Oranges & Lemons

Zinnias, goldenrod, milkweed leaves, tansy, red clover leaves, asparagus ferns, Queen Anne’s Lace, and jewelweed pop brightly with zing in this tableau.


Milkweed leaves, pokeberry, Queen Anne’s Lace,
zinnias, cleome, red clover leaves,
phlox, and smartweed bunches
frame these delightful wee folk
as they dance forward
hand in hand.


Moon dancing with Luna.
She’s swirling,
caressing the green hills of Terra with her toes,
kissed by fireflies.

A flirtation with sumac and spirea leaves,
grape, geranium, daisy fleabane,
narcissus, and rhododendron.


A royal marriage in purple and gold,
complementary colors in union.

Grape, maple seeds,
comfrey, and iris
guide them
along the edges and curves.


Walking the narrow edge together,
one dainty step at a time;
the tendrils nudge them along.

They’ve come together with comfrey,
iris, grape, and maple seeds.


Vasilisa. Baba Yaga.
Dark. Shadow.
Bright. Light.
Unbecoming. Becoming.

Red Russian kale, zinnias,
asters, smartweed,
willow, and goldenrod
frame her.


When in need she comes in deed.
Inner guidance, sparkles lead
to guardian, angel, abaaraah cadabaaraah,
beads and seeds.

Fairy Godmother keeps an eye out
from under her hat of mullein leaves,
zinnias, artemesia, and asters that adorn her
with dangling smartweed clusters.


Hera. Hathor. Innana. Matriarch. Holy Mother, Sacred Cow, Milch Goddess.

She’s been created with goldenrod, autumn olive, hemlock, strawflowers, grasses, leaves, seeds, and berries.

Earth Fire Lady
By many names She’s been called
Sometimes haughty

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