River Runs Through It: Angel Series

This full moon was a Buttercup Moon here in the forest; the green a vibrant backdrop beneath prolific buttercups, nodding their shining heads, waxing poetic in glowing terms, and ceaselessly smiling at everything.  I read somewhere that ‘one sign of spiritual enlightenment is smiling at everything for no apparent reason’; following this mode of thought I’m certain that buttercups are well on their way to enlightenment. Continue reading “River Runs Through It: Angel Series”

Rose Red

Rosie Bright Eyes,
Snow White’s sister,
they dare to love a bear and brush his hair,
discovering he’s a mister!

Rose Red’s open heart unfolds
in part with roses, motherwort,
wisteria, spirea,
fleabane, and lemon balm.

Snow White

Snow White, sister of Rose Red.
They share their hearts and their beds.
Sisterhood is this sweet,
together they walk the woods on nimble feet,
exploring the land hand in hand.

Comfrey, fleabane, wisteria,
artemesia, and spirea give her life.


Vasilisa. Baba Yaga.
Dark. Shadow.
Bright. Light.
Unbecoming. Becoming.

Red Russian kale, zinnias,
asters, smartweed,
willow, and goldenrod
frame her.


When in need she comes in deed.
Inner guidance, sparkles lead
to guardian, angel, abaaraah cadabaaraah,
beads and seeds.

Fairy Godmother keeps an eye out
from under her hat of mullein leaves,
zinnias, artemesia, and asters that adorn her
with dangling smartweed clusters.

Tall Girl & Hummingbird Boy

Daughter of The Sun.
Beautiful. Radiant.
Daughter of The Moon.
A Tall Legend.

Red hot poker (a.k.a torch lily),
forsythia, geranium leaves,
grasses, bubble breeches, and spirea
are the shaping from where these two
come together in friendship and love.

Lizard Wizard

Red hot poker, geranium leaves, grape, bubble breeches, spirea, grasses, and fleabane are what Lizard Wizard came to be with.

What magic will you make together?



Clay woman spirit lure, curiously sure. Hope burgeoning, mortals playing sing.

Red hot poker, forsythia and geranium leaves, grasses, spirea, fleabane, and grape bring her out.


Goose Girl

Travel. Adventure. Folly. Wisdom. Loss. Gain. Prudence. Integrity. Goose. Girl.

Red hot poker, forsythia, geranium leaves, grasses, bubble breeches, spirea, grape, and fleabane bring her to life.

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