River Runs Through It: Angel Series

This full moon was a Buttercup Moon here in the forest; the green a vibrant backdrop beneath prolific buttercups, nodding their shining heads, waxing poetic in glowing terms, and ceaselessly smiling at everything.  I read somewhere that ‘one sign of spiritual enlightenment is smiling at everything for no apparent reason’; following this mode of thought I’m certain that buttercups are well on their way to enlightenment. Continue reading “River Runs Through It: Angel Series”


Hera. Hathor. Innana. Matriarch. Holy Mother, Sacred Cow, Milch Goddess.

She’s been created with goldenrod, autumn olive, hemlock, strawflowers, grasses, leaves, seeds, and berries.

Earth Fire Lady
By many names She’s been called
Sometimes haughty


Earth Mother. Tender. Demeter. Giver of Abundance. Grain Goddess.

Created with rose leaves, hemlock, yarrow, milkweed pods, autumn olive leaves, echinacea, grasses, leaves, and berries.

Nurturing Mother
Lovingly she tends the earth
When her daughter’s near


Heart. Hearth. Home. Hestia. Keeper of The Flame.

Portrayed with hawk feathers, goldenrod, nightshade berries, hemlock, lichen, grasses, birch bark, pine cones, and berries.

Home is her true love
Knock and the door swings open
Her hearth welcomes guests


Artemis. Tara. Midwife. Earthkeeper. Protector. Huntress. Woodswoman.

She’s been created with reishi, hemlock, usnea, turkey tails, lichens, bark, and moss.

Steward of the woods
Midwife to doe and vixen
She hunts with insight


Athena. Active. Insightful. Self-Possessed. Self-Determining. Wise Woman. Warrior. Fiery Queen.

She’s been formed with autumn olive leaves, echinecea, yarrow, coralberry, feathers, milkweed pods, hemlock, sumac leaves, flowers, and seeds.

Crafty shrewd and wise
She listens with ears and eyes
Spearing injustice


Sweet. Serene. Bright. Selene.

White peony, spiderwort, lovage,
spirea, red clover, and a bit of plantain and wisteria bring her into being.


Beloved Daughter. Queen of Heavens.
Golden. Light. Radiant. Warm.
Amaterasu Omikami.

Lemon balm, dandelion, purple sage,
spiderwort, smokebush leaves,
tansy and iris
bring her out into the open.

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