He wondered what to grow in the small plot he’d turned over.  It was a pleasant sight, clods of dirt mounded up in tidy squares; he watched worms wriggling as he gulped water, splashed his sweaty face.  The sun had long since burned away all dew, it was on fire. Continue reading “Plotting”

Peace Poems: 2

Last night he tore down
Hard walls enclosing his heart
A frightful storm raged

Listen, says the nightingale,
Grow valor rooted in peace

Peace Poems:1

We’ll stand united
When roses cease their blooming
In peaceful protest

Till then, says the nightingale,
Let’s join together in song


Something was stirring in the depths
From under the muck by the roots of the Matter
Something rose, crawling up toward the misty glow.
On the banks the snake shed her skin
Tulip buds began to stretch
Velvet petals uncurled.

I flexed my toes where I, sleeping on the banks, lay
From the Crow’s nest came a caaaawwww-ll:
Come! The Wheel turns while the water churns
The great mosaic pulls the anchor up and away
Come! This ship of fools sets sail today!

Within the depths a glimmer, a ripple
Something flew out shiny and glistening,
It danced in spirals where I lay listening;
The deer ate up the tulips,
The snake gorged on chicks and eggs,
Once more the waters parted, the ship as yet had not departed.

A Lady rose in a splash of lollipop droplets
That landed on my eyes, long held fast by the Dustman
They opened, shaking off poppy seeds in surprise.
She tossed me up in the air
Brushed a different kind of dust into my hair
Kissing my brow
She placed me on the prow;
I gave her a curtsy, pirouetted,
A bow
Then she flew up into the light
Leaving a trail of stars in the night.

Come! I called in delight
We go!
The ship pushed off the shore
On a voyage to the Lands of Evermore.

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