Peace Poems:1

We’ll stand united
When roses cease their blooming
In peaceful protest

Till then, says the nightingale,
Let’s join together in song


Yesterday I went to pick zucchini and beans, and the sounds coming from honey bees, bumble bees, wasps, hornets, and three hummingbirds moving about was melodious. They each have their own particular noise, some buzzing some thrumming a bit of whirring mixed up with hovering, and together they make music in motion. Continue reading “Bounty”



we’ve been working, learning, and playing with color with the growth in the garden over the past month.  were immersed in Red during this strawberry moon::clover, roses, and juicy sweet burgundy cherries.

red clover took over the garden during our month out westwardly, ran right over and through the strawberries so the few we find are a burst-in-the-mouth delight!  as a result we got to pick and dry and eat, drink, and be merry with clover right here at our homestead (instead of long forays wildcrafting in meadows off the backroads like years of yore), thank you clover for being Here with us this year 🙂  new way to enjoy::clover blended with rose petals and strawberries in a second ferment for kombucha . . Yes!! the full moon’s come and gone and she asked that we leave her be, she’ll share the rest of her juicy abundance with the bees . . . . . so we gather with her and watch the bees, smell the air around her, and occasionally pop a blossom in our mouths as a thirst quencher. Continue reading “trifold”

Nowrooz Felicitations


Today is Nowrooz, where light and dark are present equally.  It is the one consistent celebration that has traveled with me from place to place, the one constant that traveled with my migratory family from place to place.  It is in our bones and sings to us wherever we might be:: the irresistible call :: to sacred fire, to cleansing as the Fish depart from the zodiac, closing a cycle opening into new energy and rebirth, ancestral rites and heritage honored in gesture and spirit. Continue reading “Nowrooz Felicitations”


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Get to know your neighbours, be they big or small,
Get to know your neighbours, one and all.

They might be crawling or creeping,
Even curled beneath a log sleeping,
You may see them in the air,
Or caught on a strand of your tangled hair,
Could be they’re thorned,  or four legged and horned,
Swimming and scaled, or roaring and tailed,
Maybe they’re waving their arms in the breeze,
Or shaking their branches free of leaves.

Get to know them I say, follow them while you play,
Touch them, smell them, know them by sight,
Listen to them speak to the stars in the night,
Some will be friends and some will be foe,
There will always be ‘something’ that let’s you know,
Which is which and who is who,
Look outside and inside and you’ll feel what is true.

So know your neighbours be they tiny or tall,
Know them well, one and all.

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